works by Quique Cabanillas, a New York based Puerto Rican photographer

works by Quique Cabanillas, a New York based Puerto Rican photographer

La Señora

is a bookstore, gallery and cultural space created in partnership with Oaxaca-based research residency, Pocoapoco.

Located in the Jalatlaco neighborhood of Oaxaca, we are committed to the support, exposure and exchange of local and international artists, designers and thinkers through the creation & curation of exhibitions, public programs and publications.

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is a multi-disciplinary, research-based residency and cultural exchange project offering a platform for creative exploration and a space for collective intelligence. Located in a large private home in the centro of Oaxaca, the residency hosts and collaborates with international artists and non-artists across all fields to support research, conversation and connection surrounding creative work, process and purpose.

Oaxaca — as a place, community and culture — lies at the heart of the residency.  We work closely with individuals and organizations to encourage exchange — of ideas, information, traditions, practices, histories and experiences — within each discipline and personal project in hopes of developing a broader and more engaging creative dialogue across countries, cultures and fields of research. 

We aim to provide not only a temporary experience, but also a lasting and growing network of international artists, creatives, and thinkers.